Graphic Designing

Flash Intro & Animation

Adobe's Flash has been a brilliant format for creating amazing websites for more than a decade now. If you want to create rich interactive applications (RIA), this is best option for your website. GK Solutions has the expertise that you need to create a great website experience for your visitors using flash web design.
HTML and CSS are standard technologies, but they have their own limitations at the moment. You can design beautiful websites using them, but you cannot create interactive elements and animations using them. Adobe's Flash picks up where HTML and CSS leave, and it helps you create engaging websites and we are the best web design firm for this purpose.

Today flash is used in a variety of scenarios such as:

1. Intro :

You want your site’s graphic web design to be such that when people land on your home page, they see a beautiful screen and find a smooth introduction to your business using animation, both 2D and 3D.

2. Slides :

Slides are a great way of presenting information to visitors in a streamlined, step by step way. This can be done by using Adobe's Flash, which gives you the smoothest transitions along.

3. Illustrations :

Many websites use illustrations to present information to visitors in a better way. These can either be done using images or Flash. When you use flash web design practices, you can create links within the illustrations and also zoom into certain parts for greater clarity.

4. Tutorials :

You can create tutorials using plain HTML, but again you can’t make interactive ones. Flash based tutorial interfaces can help you store information that is entered by users when using tutorials.

5. Banners :

Banners, when used sparingly are a way of attracting visitor’s attention to important information that you might want to give out. These are most commonly designed for ads and other similar purposes.

Although, this is not a very common practice today, Adobe Flash can also be used to create entire websites. Such websites tend to be very appealing to the visitors, and GK Solutions can design such engaging websites that are built completely with Flash.


If you already have a website based on flash and want to upgrade it using modern graphic web design, we can help you do that too. More importantly, we do it at an affordable price, while maintaining top notch quality. While designing websites using flash, we always prioritize your website speed, usability and aesthetics, which are important pillars of any successful website.

GK Solutions is highly aware of the balance you need to strike between beauty and functionality while using Flash, which is why we are able to create sturdy and reliable websites. For more details about how you can use Flash to improve your website, please contact us.